We’re not going to pretend that it’s difficult to find Levi’s jeans, truckers and button-downs on sale regularly, because it’s not. Levi’s might be the OG when it comes to all things denim, but the brand over produces like every other fashion house out there, which means frequent sales. Most of the sales don’t get up to 70% off, however, which is why you’re in luck with the current Levi’s Warehouse Sale that’s running until 10/17. Tees. Jeans. Truckers. Button-downs. Jackets. Belts. Hats. Sizes, styles and options are limited, so don’t wait to pull the trigger. In addition to getting up to 70% off, well, just about everything, you also get free shipping on orders of $100. Start with our favorites below:

  1. 511™ Slim Fit Stretch Jeans – $88 $25
  2. 501® Original Fit Jeans – $50 $15
  3. Sherpa Coach’s Jacket – $110 $50
  4. Levi’s X New Era NBA Cap- $35 $13
  5. Classic Graphic Tee Shirt – $25 $10
  6. 501® Original Fit Stretch Jeans – $60 $20
  7. Mighty Made Long Sleeve Tee Shirt – $45 $15
  8. 541™ Athletic Fit Cargo Pants (Big & Tall) – $80 $15
  9. Coach’s Jacket – $98 $25

[Shop]  The original Timex Military Watch was designed based on two things: ruggedness and simplicity. Ruggedness to stand up to the demands of a soldier, and simplicity so the time could be grasped with a passing glance. That doesn’t mean such a watch couldn’t receive some updates, however. This is the MK1 Chronograph, a reimagining of the original military watch. Now packed with a chronograph, this Timex still allows for easy readability, only now you can use it as a stopwatch as well. Built with a robust aluminum case that’s strong yet light and a double-layer black slip-through band, the Timex MK1 Chronograph is as comfortable and stylish as it is dependable.