Despite the fact that that everything at J.Crew seems to be on sale these days, there are few occasions when your buying power is as great as it is right now during the extra 50% off sale items through 1/15/22 with code EPIC sale going on. Whether you need (or want, you do you!) socks, boxers, jackets, pants, scarves, sweaters, bandanas, pocket squares, or anything else–if it’s already on sale, it’s yours for an extra 50% of with code EPIC. You can feel free to dive into the almost 600 options on the docket, but we highly recommend you start with our favorites below. As always, sizes / styles / quantities are limited, so don’t want to pull the trigger on your favorites.

J.Crew Trucker Jacket in Stretch Corduroy$45 – 65% Off
J.Crew Eco Nordic Pugger Jacket with PrimaLoft – $75+ – 70% Off
J.Crew 250 Skinny-Fit Stretch Corduroy Pant – $38 – 57% Off
J.Crew Solid Cashmere Scarf – $44 – 55% Off
J.Crew Quilted Base Jacket – $55 – 63% Off
J.Crew Utility Fishing Jacket – $100 – 64% Off
J.Crew Cashmere Waffle V-Neck Cardigan Sweater – $80 – 58% Off
J.Crew Ludlow Topcoat in Wool/Cashmere – $160 – 65% Off
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