As you know by now, we’re huge fans of all things Huckberry because they combine excellent curation with an impressive selection of goods. Their sale section is chock full of over 1,300 different pieces of clothing, gear, accessories, EDC tools and home goods you really want to own at up to 60% off. We’re talking great looking and functional pieces from the likes of Astorflex, Relwen, Rhodes Footwear, Keysmart, Flint and Tinder, Tactica, Wellen, Marathon, Bear, Wills, Turkish Towels, Mohinders and the list goes on, and on, and on. But it gets even better. For the next few days, they just kicked off an extra 15% off sale items steal so you can save even more on all your favorites. We picked out of a few of our favorite options for you to peruse below, but check out the full sale. Just don’t wait to pull the trigger because the extra discount only lasts until 8/30.

Rhodes Footwear Darren Cap Toe Boot (53% Off) – $230 / $108
Relwen Windbreak Blazer (53% Off) – $348 / $162
Keysmart CleanKey Antimicrobial Door Opener Tool (68% Off) – $25 / $8
Flint and Tinder French Terry Pocket Crew Sweatshirt (45% Off) – $88 / $48
Tactica X.10 Bottle Opener (45% Off) – $20 / $11
Astor Sandflex Slip-On Shoes (46% Off) – $155 / $83
Igloo Retro Half Gallon Jug Cooler (33% Off) – $18 / 12
Proof Meridian Jogger Travel Pant (41% Off) – $118 / $70
Wellen Vintage Wash Tie Dye Pullover (53% Off) – $88 / $41


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