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Shockoe Atelier has long been one of our go-to spots for new denim. The jeans the brand puts out look good and can take a beating. The latest collection, however, has a bit more of a backstory. The Petersburg Deadstock collection features four different pairs of jeans that are all made from denim from the late ’60s/early ’70s. Not only is the denim old, but it was found in an abandoned factory in Petersburg, Virginia. Once home to American Textiles Unlimited, the now-closed factory was where plenty of apparel was made. Shockoe Atelier discovered the vintage denim and put it to good use, crafting jeans in different weights and colors, including a pair made from deadstock military selvedge that we desperately need. Sizes are selling fast, so check these out pronto.


When it comes to high end shoes, we’ve always felt like the quality and craftsmanship didn’t add up to the price. Ace Marks changed that by offering the highest quality shoes at a fraction of the price of other luxury brands. With Factory Access, they’re releasing new styles, finishes and constructions from their 4th generation Italian artisans direct from the factory floor so you can see what’s on the horizon and what goes in to each and every pair of dress shoes and sneakers the brand releases. Find your new favorite shoes today.