In September of 1965 (that’s where the 9/65 in the name comes from), the San Francisco Examiner printed something about the city having a “hip hangout” for beatniks. Just like that, the hippie movement was legitimized with a printed story. The original “green” movement (yes, that green) possessed all the elements that SeaVees was looking for when they decided to name their new Bamboo Mocs. Part chukka boot, part moccasin, this is one pair of shoes with a fitting name because most of them really is composed of bamboo. That canvas upper is actually finely woven bamboo. The lining? Soft bamboo linen. There’s some leather and rubber for support and maximum cushion and some cool rawhide laces, but they’re mostly bamboo. Leave it to SeaVees to change our opinion about a material we thought was just food for panda bears.


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