All of the traditional holiday sales have come and gone, which means one of our favorite times of the year is finally here–The Purge sale in the Cool Material Shop. We love searching high and low to find the latest, greatest and coolest to help you deck out your gear collection, your home decor, your bookshelves and your desk, but every so often that means we run out of shelf space for more new stuff. That’s when The Purge happens. It’s our biannual sale where you can save up to 70% over 200 items. This time around, The Purge is running until December 31st, and the selection is pretty amazing. Watches. Wallets. Clocks. Drinkware. Coins. Knives. Tchotkes. Books. Toys. There’s something in the sale for everyone. Don’t wait to pull the trigger on the gifts you wish you had gotten this year because quantities are limited. Start with our favorites below:

Full price is for suckers. Check out our Steals section for more great deals, and get on the list so you don’t miss another Steal.

  • Flyboy Black w/ Black Strap – $320 $162.77
  • Barebones Beacon Lantern – $39.95 $29.56
  • Ultimate Survival Kit – $65 $48.10
  • Word. Notebook Leather Jacket – Olive/Orange – $30 $22.20
  • Bolt Action Tactical Pen – Black – $65 $48.10
  • Faceted Whiskey Glasses – $27 $19.98
  • Waxed Canvas Watch Roll – $52 $38.48
  • Bartender Defender Knife – $64.95 $48.06
  • 50 Things to Do with a Penknife – $17 $12.58
  • Drifter 87 – $48 $35.52
  • People Who Can Kindly Go F*** Themselves Notebooks – 2-Pack – $10 $7.40
  • Let’s Kick This Day Mug – $24.95 $16.25
  • Die Mosquitoes Candle – $20 $14.80
  • Shit I Gotta F*cking Get Done Notepad – 2-Pack – $12 $3.60
  • Glacier Glasses – $50 $37
  • Solid Brass Fire Kit – $100 $74
  • Titanium Tactical Pen – $89.95 $66.56
  • Magnus II Metropolis – $120 $88.80

[Shop]  The original Timex Military Watch was designed based on two things: ruggedness and simplicity. Ruggedness to stand up to the demands of a soldier, and simplicity so the time could be grasped with a passing glance. That doesn’t mean such a watch couldn’t receive some updates, however. This is the MK1 Chronograph, a reimagining of the original military watch. Now packed with a chronograph, this Timex still allows for easy readability, only now you can use it as a stopwatch as well. Built with a robust aluminum case that’s strong yet light and a double-layer black slip-through band, the Timex MK1 Chronograph is as comfortable and stylish as it is dependable.