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  • Pirate-Printers-Make-Clothing-and-Totes-With-Utility-Covers
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Raubdruckerin—roughly translated as “pirate printers”—is a Berlin-based artist collective that uses existing surfaces like grids, manhole covers and concrete designs to create unique totes, tees and hoodies. Rather than simply walking over these overlooked pieces of the urban landscape like most of us world, the “Pirate Printers” choose to use them to create black on white gym bags from manhole covers in Paris and bike signs in Amsterdam, hoodies from manhole covers in Berlin and tees from covers in Lisbon. By using only a paint roller and paint, each Raubdruckerin piece is unique and authentic while also having a performance art aspect because they’re all printed in public.


While you can go all MacGyver and shuck oysters with a screwdriver or other household tool, we highly recommend you invest in a good oyster knife. Why? Well, for starters, it’s safer. The best oyster doesn’t taste so hot when you’ve got something sharp stuck in your palm. Secondly, it makes the process easier and a bit more refined. Laguiole is an iconic name in knife making and the French brand has you covered when it comes to shucking thanks to the Laguiole Oyster Knife. Made of 420 stainless steel and complete with a wood handle, the Oyster Knife measures 6 ¼” and makes easy work of even the toughest shell. You just need to supply the cocktail sauce.