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Founded the better part of a century ago by B.F. Goodrich, sneaker brand P.F. Flyers is one of the OG American kicks brands. The PF Flyers brand did all of the necessary advertising, sponsoring, and innovating that was required of brands at the time, which is what led them to become one of the most popular shoes in America by the 60s. There was a bunch of backroom, boardroom nonsense with B.F. Goodrich, Converse, P&F Industries, Brookfield Athletic Shoe Company, and a bunch of other no-name brands you don’t need to know that ultimately led to the brand dying out until New Balance acquired them in 2001. There was fun in the sun for a bunch of years, but eventually even that partnership didn’t work out and Kassia Davis–daughter of New Balance chairman Jim Davis–acquired and resurrected the brand late last year. The current offerings include the Unisex Center Hi-top in white, Unisex Center Lo in white and the Unisex Center Hi: The 1993 (as worn in ‘The Sandlot’). In other words, P.F. Flyers is back, baby.

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