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We wear gloves so infrequently that it would be easy to drop a few bucks on some standard bland ones and feel set. Well, at least we thought that until we saw the Onyx Ranger gloves from Grifter. The stunning exterior on the gloves is made from American Mills Cone Selvedge black denim and is highlighted by black deer skin accents on the palm and fingers. Your hands are kept warm by an interior wool lining. Each pair of Onyx Ranger gloves is made in the USA and ready to keep your mitts warm this winter. Hell, they look so good, we’d wear them in the summer, too.


[Shop]  The original Timex Military Watch was designed based on two things: ruggedness and simplicity. Ruggedness to stand up to the demands of a soldier, and simplicity so the time could be grasped with a passing glance. That doesn’t mean such a watch couldn’t receive some updates, however. This is the MK1 Chronograph, a reimagining of the original military watch. Now packed with a chronograph, this Timex still allows for easy readability, only now you can use it as a stopwatch as well. Built with a robust aluminum case that’s strong yet light and a double-layer black slip-through band, the Timex MK1 Chronograph is as comfortable and stylish as it is dependable.