We’re all a little bit weird. In high school – even college maybe – that might have been bad; as you get older though, it becomes something to define you. Nerds become gazillionaires; goths become rock stars. You get the idea. Nooka watches are like that, and we love them for it. They’re a little bit weird and out there, but they make a statement that’s unmistakable. If there is a problem with Nooka watches, it’s the fact that there’s just too many to choose from. Do you go with a Zon for the asymmetricality? Or do you go with something like a Zub Zirc for the crazy colors and body? We were never very good at choosing between two awesomes, which is why the Zub Zayu is perfect. Everything you love about the Zub line – along with a new capsule hour system – is combined with the offset face/band of the Zon. It’s Nooka perfection.


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