A watch as exquisite as this often demands attention, but few actually have a story to tell. New Zealand watch makers Magrette retells the mythological story as told by the native Maoris of how a boy named Maui caught a fish that became New Zealand’s northern island. Limited to only 10 pieces, each Maui’s Fish Watch is hand engraved with remarkable precision that comes from 25 years of experience. The watch includes a handsome black leather strap and arrives in a beautiful handmade wooden box.

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If you’re anything like us, you love the idea of never setting foot in an office ever again in favor of working remotely all the time. However, it’s not always easy to replicate the productivity of a traditional office setup. That’s where Xebec comes in. Xebec’s flagship product, the Tri-Screen 2, instantly adds two extra screens to your laptop so you can be productive from anywhere. Take your remote work game to the next level. Check out the Tri-Screen 2 today.