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German-based watchmaker Lilienthal Berlin turned heads when it introduced the world to “The Coffee Watch” via its successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, the handsome timepieces made from recycled coffee grounds are hitting American soil for the first time. To craft each Coffee Watch, Lilienthal Berlin partners with coffee shops and roasteries in Berlin to repurpose used coffee grounds into handsome timepieces. Aesthetically, it creates a unique experience with the dappled black and brown case with a stainless steel core. You can even get subtle whiffs of coffee for a short time. And the specifications are exactly what you’d expect from a well-regarded watchmaker: Swiss quartz movement, sapphire-hardened mineral glass, and water resistance up to 5 bars. The overall look is refined simplicity.

Plus, this process contributes to Lilienthal Berlin’s eco-friendly ethos. By reusing spent coffee grounds, The Coffee Watch diverts those grounds from going to a landfill, where they emit methane gas. Additionally, other elements of the watch are created from eco-friendly products like vegetable-tanned organic leather or interwoven stainless-steel bands.

The Coffee Watch is available in four styles: Latte, Americano, Macchiato, and Espresso.


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