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Stranger Things Season 3 drops on the 4th of July, and if it’s like every other season, it’s going to completely turn the world of the kids in Hawkins, Indiana upside-down. [Ed. Note: Watch the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer here if you haven’t already.] Season 1 of the show that everyone is anxiously awaiting the return of in a week included plenty of Levi’s gear, so the brand decided to lean into it and teamed up with Netflix for a Levi’s x Stranger Things collection. Stranger Things Hoppers crewneck sweatshirt. ELEVEN branded sweatshirt. Jeans with the iconic Levi’s patch sewn in upside-down. Camp Know Where ringer tees and baseball caps. Levi’s Batwing logo with lightning storm logo tee. Classic Levi’s Trucker Jackets and jeans in a critter print style featuring Hawkins residents screen-printed on the denim. The collection includes a total of about twenty pieces that are all as fantastic as they are going to be hard to find because when the collection drops on 7/1 they’re only going to be available in select stores in Japan. Hopefully you can find someone to proxy for you if you really want a piece.


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