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A week ago we wouldn’t have believed it was possible to improve on the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket, but the Project Jacquard collaboration with Google has created a “wearable” that you’ll actually want to be seen in when you’re about and about. The Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket (the name needs work) isn’t slated for release until next year and beta-testing hasn’t even begun, but the initial information we do have about the outerwear makes this the first piece of wearable tech we’re actually interested in purchasing and wearing in public. Using conductive yarns and embedded electronics that don’t destroy the silhouette or construction of the garment, you get the same iconic Levi’s Trucker you’re used to with the added ability to change tracks, get directions or take/ignore calls.


We’ve long been obsessed with Things Organized Neatly, the Tumblr, Instagram account, and book that displays collections of items arranged in pleasing ways. It’s the reason we’re hard at work on this puzzle. When finished, the puzzle depicts a collection of retro video games and gaming systems aligned ever so perfectly. Each is made in the USA by the New York Puzzle Company and features original photography from artist Jim Golden. At 1000 pieces, it will put you to work for some time, but when you complete it you can use some puzzle glue and frame it on your wall. Out of chaos comes order, right?