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When it comes to iconic brands, you’d be hard-pressed to find better examples than Levi’s and LEGO. Sure, they’re from completely separate spaces, but in the worlds of denim and toys, there are almost no better examples. These two brands have teamed up for a first in a generation collaboration that takes the first-ever flexible LEGO baseplate formed from silicone and has it sewn into Levi’s trucker jackets, straight jeans, hoodies, hats and bags. Combine that flexible baseplate with the 100 included LEGO dots and you can easily customize almost every piece of your wardrobe to make it unique in whatever way you see fit. In addition to the infinite customization options because the silicone baseplates work with all LEGO bricks, the garments and bags are also decked out with plenty of colors in the buttons, snaps, zippers and hardware. The LEGO x Levi’s collection will be available in Levi’s stores worldwide starting on October 1st.


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