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Laco’s pilot watches are certainly some of the best around, and they just unveiled a pair of military green-hued pilots in wrist-pleasing 39mm diameters. The 42mm version of the Oliv sold out quickly, and it only made sense to downsize them since smaller watches are pretty hot right now. 39mm is deemed the classic diameter, and the Oliv 39 watches easily qualify as new classics in our book. Flieger Type A and Type B dials with matte olive coloring and old radium lume maintain the vintage look, and the cases and crowns are stainless steel with a bronze-like finish. Even the rivets on the leather strap match. The watches are powered by the Miyota-based Laco 21 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve, and it’s viewable through the sapphire crystal display back. Only 250 of each type will be made at a very reasonable price of just under $500 USD.

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