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Smart watches are capable of calculating and tracking heart rate, steps, activity, burned calories, overall activity and a bunch of other things that, honestly, we couldn’t care less about… except when it comes to the Apple Watch Ultra. This titanium-banded smart timepiece looks great, has all the features you need and is built tough with hardware that’s more than capable of landing a rocket on the moon, let alone dealing with your appointments and notifications. You already have the best-in-class when it comes to smartwatches, so upgrade to the total package with Sandmarc’s band here.

Holiday Outpost

After browsing this ultimate gifting destination for the last 30 minutes, we realized we could pretty much do all our holiday shopping in one place. This place. How nice! They’ve curated a list of 2022’s most coveted gifts that span from the chefs in your life to the outdoorsmen and indoorsmen alike. Stocking stuffers. Big gifts. Everything in between. E-gift cards for the last minute person you accidentally forgot to put on your list.  Everything in this Holiday Outpost helps you raise the bar on your gift giving this year.