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Mention washing your jeans around raw denim aficionados and you’ll have to help gather their jaws from the floor after you do so. The truth is, you should wash your jeans—even if you dropped $300 on a fine pair of raws. While it should be sporadic, it should also be done with great care, and that’s why Heddels introduced Denim Wash. Heddels Denim Wash is based off Soap Nuts, a 100% natural laundry detergent from the earth that won’t leave a pungent aroma on your newly cleaned clothes.  This wash has soap nuts extract in it, so you can naturally remove grime from your well-worn jeans without imparting a scent or disturbing the delicate cotton fibers. Just a couple of drops are all you need and your jeans will be free of all the daily dirt they’ve accrued over time.


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