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Grand Seiko creates some of the most stunning timepieces on earth, celebrating its robust history, premium materials, and dial styles and textures second-to-none. Its two latest models are the epitome of Grand Seiko style that has been the beacon for the brand. The SLGA013 and SLGH009 are the numerical model numbers, both with remarkable movements, the slim new Caliber 9RA2 Spring Drive (80-hour power reserve) for the former and the automatic Hi-Beat 36000 Caliber 9SA5 (120-hour power reserve) for the latter. Both models use Seiko’s Ever-Brilliant Steel for the case and bracelet, providing upgraded corrosion resistance and durability than standard 316L stainless steel, as well as a special white sheen that looks like no other watch material. The dial pattern is inspired by the elliptical orbit of stars, with charcoal for the Spring Drive and a deep blue dial on the automatic. Only 550 units will be made for each model.

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