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Swedish brand Garphyttan is just the latest company to catch our eyes in the outdoor apparel industry. Founded by survival expert and all-around outdoorsman Johan Skullman, Garphyttan boasts the technical know-how to compete with many of the other names in workwear. Whether you’re a seasoned camper, a craftsperson braving the great outdoors, or a city dweller looking for some decent winter-ready apparel, Garphyttan has you covered. The brand’s signature items include a ling of warm fleece liners, tactical workwear pants, and winter jackets. All of Garphyttan’s products fall into one of three categories: Original, Specialist, and Crafter. These products are made to withstand harsh environments so you should be more than well equipped for your walk to the subway.

Founded in 2020 by Skullman and a group of other outdoor industry veterans, Garphyttan builds reliable gear for both men and women. The goal is to produce apparel that can keep you well protected outdoors and comfortable indoors. Hiking, hunting, working – whatever you happen to be doing, Garphyttan can meet your needs. A consistent theme in their products is high-quality materials, a variety of external and internal pockets, and simple yet stylish silhouettes.

We’ve tried out a few of their products including the Fixar Pile Fleece and the Specialist Trouser Pro. Everything looks and feels top-quality and performs just as well as we’d have expected. We would recommend double-checking your sizing as Garphyttan uses a Scandinavian fit. If you’re in the market for some new winter gear, consider Garphyttan.


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