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For longer than anyone reading this has been alive, the outfitter known as Filson has been producing some of the best products on the market. In the almost 125 years they’ve been producing outdoorsy gear, blankets and bags, they’ve made a number of things we always wanted to add to our personal inventory. Now, finally, the Seattle-based outfitter has turned their eyes to Made in the USA denim that any of you reading this would want to wear on the regular. Filson Denim is the latest chapter in the brands incredible legacy that combines only the finest and most rugged materials for limited manufacturing runs in the American West that ensures each pair meets the exacting standards befitting the Filson name. This process boils down to separate options–the Filson Rail Splitter Denim that is their take on the classic five pocket jean and the Filson Bullbuck Double Front Jeans that wear like normal denim but are built like traditional “double knee work pants.” Filson Rail Splitter and Bullbuck Double Front Jeans are available now starting at $165.


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