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Etnia Barcelona has always looked to art for inspiration, and the new collection the eyewear brand is unleashing on the world continues that creative tradition. The fresh frames and shades will be seen in the Anartist Series 2 campaign, which just launched with a few teasers for you to check out. The clever campaign sees Etnia Barcelona teaming up with photographer Biel Capllonch to reinterpret classic works of art as modern portraits. From Boticelli to Raphael, it’s like the Old Masters took a dip in the fountain of youth, picked up a Leica, and shot their ideas in a whole new way. The campaign will be unveiled in full in February 2018 and it will invite you to challenge the status quo and how you see the world, because, like Etnia Barcelona’s frames, the BeAntartist campaign is about viewing things differently. It’s about creative freedom and the importance of questioning everything—even the cannons of traditional art. 

This is no small drop, by the way. Etnia Barcelona is expanding its beloved collection with 60 new and attractive models (30 prescription frames and 30 sunglasses). The metal frames take aesthetic cues from the 1970s, so there’s a definite retro vibe present in each pair. That nostalgia continues with the acetate frames, which are oversized and dripping in old school cool. As always, Etnia Barcelona has everyone covered, regardless of stylistic demands or personal preferences. If you’re a purist, check out the Originals collection. Fan of more technical elements? Hit up the Advanced collection. Miss the good old days? The Vintage collection is where it’s at. No matter your style or interests, there’s some Etnia Barcelona eyewear with your name on it. 

Pick up your pair of choice and express your desire to create. In other words, be Anartist. You can check out Etnia Barcelona collections here, and don’t forget to follow their Instagram page for more on the campaign.


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