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New Balance has quickly risen the ranks in the fashion world as one of the most desirable sneaker brands on the market. The Boston-based company is taking that a step further with its latest celebrity collaboration. Donald Clover a.k.a. Childish Gambino has teamed up with New Balance to release the RC30 sneakers, a stylish, retro pair of shoes. The new release echoes the design of classic New Balance offerings like the Trackster racing shoe from the 70s. On the upper you’ll find classic nylon with suede accents that pair well with the sneakers’ slim and squat silhouette. Additionally, the curved “N” logo is a nice throwback to old-school New Balance branding. We’re also loving the rippled tread on the outsole and the curved outsole and midfoot lift offer added comfort everyday use.

The Donald Glover x New Balance RC30 is available now for $120 in unisex sizing with two colorways: Sea Salt and Golden Hour. Sea Salt is a muted off-white sneaker with cream and navy accents while Golden Hour is mustard-yellow all over with touches of burgundy.


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