After clicking “Check It Out” you might notice the fact that there’s a /women/ in the url. Before you get all ornery, think about the way you’re dressed right now. You probably already know about denim and you definitely like looking good. At some point this informed decision was influenced by a woman. So listen up because we’re going to save you some money, albeit with a $250 set of Denim Design Lab tools. Instead of shelling out well over a weeks wages on one pair of jeans, buy this kit and make as many pairs as you want. They aren’t exactly forthcoming with the contents of the limited edition kit but there’s definitely a spray, possibly a dye, a tape measure, a book, a paintbrush, and a Denim Dremel. Power tools – to make your own jeans.


Made of naturally antimicrobial copper allow, The Clean Key works like extra hand or finger to let you open doors, push buttons on ATMs and elevators, and even operate touch screens on registers–without direct contact. It can also be easily cleaned with steel wool or a disinfectant wipe without tarnishing or corroding the slick exterior.