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Dandy Del Mar has quickly become one of our favorite summertime apparel brands. Their clothing oozes a sense of luxurious breeziness that we love. Their latest release takes the comfort to a whole new level. The Cannes Waffle Knit Sets, featuring a polo and drawstring shorts, are the perfect addition to any summer vacation. The cotton waffle knit fabric is cozy and soft while offering enough airiness. Plus, the ribbed sleeves and elastic waistband offer a more contoured silhouette to the set. Available in a muted pink “Spanish Rose” and a cream/gold “Vintage Ivory,” the Cannes Waffle Knit Sets would fit right in on a sailing excursion or sidling up to a bar for a spritz. The Waffle Knit set in Vintage Ivory is close to selling out but the Spanish Rose versions are available with the polo priced at $129 and the shorts at $79.

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