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Converse makes awesome sneakers. They have such a long history of great shoe drops that it’s not even up for debate anymore. The latest release is an update to the tried and true Jack Purcell line, these Split Tongues. The lo-tops are available in three different primary colorways (bordo, black, rusty and warmstone) that have all the telltale markings of a pair of standard Purcells: smiley face toe cap, heel stitching and clean silhouette. What makes them different are the two tone accents thanks to the tongue and heel tab–along with rawhide laces that add the perfect amount of raw styling to the otherwise clean pair of kicks. We know the weather is turning the corner towards boot season, but that’s doesn’t mean you’re not going to need a good looking pair of sneakers anyway… even if you have to wait a few months to put them into full rotation.


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