Considering that everyone uses cell phones to get their portable puzzle game fix these days your watch really doesn’t need to do anything other than tell the time and compliment your outfit. That’s exactly what the Casio Cubic Puzzle Watch aims to do. Lacking actual game functionality this watch presents the time in a Tetris like package with bright blocky buttons. Although its style seems a bit retro this timepiece features a sharp LCD display and a sleek thin profile that could only be found in a modern watch.

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We’re sure you’re well aware that there are plenty of robot vacuums or mops that you can use to sweep and mop in an attempt to keep your place clean. But none of them perform like Roborock’s smartest combo yet, the S7 Max Ultra you see here. It vacuums. It mops. It has automatic dust emptying, mop washing and robot water tank refilling. The easy-to-use app lets you create custom cleaning routines, set no-go zones, and more. The Roborock S7 Max Ultra does it all.  Don’t comprise on cleanliness, get yours for $299 off when you grab the coupon code for $18.99 today.