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If you haven’t been paying attention, a wave of new watchmakers have emerged over the years, leveraging things like Kickstarter to get eyeballs on their timepieces. Few have caught our eyes like Komono. That’s why we’re excited to offer a new line of the brand’s watches in the Cool Material Shop. Each blends a modern, contemporary vibe with a certain timeless character. That means unique cases, features, and ways of displaying time paired with rich leather bands that wear beautifully with use. Plus, since we are running deals all weekend, this is the perfect time to save on a damn gorgeous watch to wear for the holidays. 


Lululemon has made quite a few innovations in the world of athletic wear over the years. Their ABC Joggers incorporate one of our favorites—their famous ABC (anti-ball crushing) engineering. That’s right, these sleek joggers are engineered to give the boys room to breathe regardless of what you’re doing while you’re wearing them. With the addition of a secure zip pocket and a hidden phone sleeve, they’re great for trips to the gym or travel. And since they’re available in eight different colorways, there’s a pair that will work with every outfit.