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To look your best, you need the right products. Problem is drugstores don’t usually carry anything worth your money and buying online is a complete shot in the dark. Your solution? Birchbox Man. You’ll receive a package of grooming and style essentials every month that have been selected just for you. Whether you’re a rugged outdoorsman or a clean-shaven CEO, Birchbox has you covered. Each package will include 3-4 grooming samples, a stylish accessory or gadget, and style tips with other original content. When you find items you love, you can buy full-size versions from the Birchbox Shop. And we’re not talking grocery store staples, these are shaving creams, pomades, and more from cult classics and legendary brands. So stop settling for products that don’t work for you, and sign up for Birchbox Man.

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Everyone’s favorite bracket season of the year is quickly approaching. That’s likely going to mean a lot more cooking, parties and time in front of the TV. ButcherBox has you covered as always for all your meat and seafood needs, but they’re going even more mad this year with the Big Tournament Flash Sale. Save big on beef, wings, nuggets, and seafood, or customize a box of your own. As if those crazy savings weren’t enough, new customers get St. Louis ribs, wings and ground beef free in their first box. Get all of your meat and seafood from ButcherBox today.