Socks generally get categorized in one of two different ways. There are athletic socks, and there are dress socks. Both you can have some fun with to add personality to your outfit. When it comes to no-show socks, it’s far more important to show off a great pair of sneakers or ankles. You want the comfort and protection you get from wearing a pair without having to worry about the consequences of exposing bare feet to the world should you need to remove your shoes. These are our favorite pairs of no-show socks to wear with your shorts.

Hanes No Show Socks (6 Pack)

We’re not clueless. The argument for Hanes basics—whether you’re talking undershirts, boxers or socks—always seems to come down to a discussion of quantity versus quality. We get it. Hanes might not make the longest lasting or most colorful (see also: interesting, creative or cool) men’s essentials on the market, but hot damn you can get an undershirt or a pair of socks for around two bucks. Seriously though, Hanes No Show Socks do what they’re designed to do, last multiple washes, are double-reinforced, thickly cushioned and prevent your feet from smelling like a $12

Uniqlo Pile Low Cut Socks

Available in off white, gray, black, or navy, Uniqlo Pile Low Cut Socks are the perfect addition to any collection of men’s basics because, like everything else the brand puts their name on, they’re designed more for style, comfort and reliability than they are to make a name for themselves. This particular pair of socks is cushioned and sturdy, fitted and contoured, self-deodorizing and quick-drying, anti-microbial and anti-odor, and, well, we can’t honestly think of anything else we’d want in pair of good looking socks specifically made to never be seen.$4

Pair of Thieves No Show Socks

These socks from Pair of Thieves are straight up funky, and we’re saying that in the best way possible. With a textured blue body and heel box juxtaposed against a patterned foot and red toe are these socks are anything but ordinary. These unconventionally cool socks are available in big box stores and also built with a no-slip rubber grip that makes them easy to wear while still staying put whether you’re wearing them with white sneakers or a pair of dedicated athletic trainers.$6

GAP Logo No Show Socks

Despite being available in new heather gray or black colorways with a limited amount of branding, GAP Logo No Show Socks are boring as hell. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, no-show socks are designed to play second fiddle to putting your ankles and your footwear choices on display, so we’re delighted to tell you that these affordable, comfortable and well-built socks from GAP, with their elasticized top, ribber heel tab, reinforced toe/heel and durable 80% cotton, 18% polyester, 2% spandex construction, won’t impede the other far more important style decisions you’ll make throughout the day.$8

Champion No Show Socks (6 Pack)

74% cotton. 21% polyester. 3% natural latex rubber. 1% nylon. 1% spandex. With that many different materials making up the construction of these Champion No Show Socks it would be easy to think they just voted on construction in committee and couldn’t settle on just one material. In reality that amount of materials come together under that iconic Champion “C” logo to create what we feel is the sock equivalent of the daily driver. They’re not too cheap or expensive. Not too boring or flashy. They’re the reliable pair of socks that just won’t quit.$10

Nike Performance Cushion No-Show Socks

Nike’s foray into no-show socks isn’t limited to these particular Performance Cushion No-Show Socks, but we chose the yellow/gray stripe option over something more tame like white because it’s far more interesting and the nylon/spandex construction creates a stretchy performance blend that’s great for daily wear along with a workout.$10

Stance Hilands Super Invisible

Stance makes some of the most comfortably wearing, well-built and stylishly designed socks that you’ll ever have the pleasure of pulling over your feet. But don’t just take our word for it, they make a pair of socks that Your Girlfriend Wants You to Wear. Stance Hilands Super Invisible socks are built with premium, combed cotton for superior comfort and durability while also being designed to never be seen. If, however, you happen to take your shoes off at a friend’s place, everyone around will love the geometric patterns and color-blocking of this particular pair of foot coverings.$10

SmartWool No Show Socks

If you’ve spent any amount of time wearing a pair of hiking boots, odds are you have at least one pair of SmartWool socks in your drawer. Why? They’re moisture-wicking, comfortable and durable as hell. SmartWool brings that same outdoorsy quality and durability to their SmartWool No Show Socks that are still made with Merino and built to be perfect for running, hiking, riding or just wearing inconspicuously with a pair of legendary sneakers.$14


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