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The Benrus Type 1 is an horological legend but not because it houses a pricey complication or showcases an opulent design. It’s famous for the fact that it was the only timepiece that met the stringent Department of Defense’s MIL-W-50717 standard and because it was only for U.S. military personnel. The Benrus Type 1 was rugged and waterproof for extensive field use, and it’s legendary for its resilience. Collectors have pined for pre-owned versions that were still out there in working condition. Now, the brand is back for the reissue of the Type 1, and it has all the modern updates you could want without losing the specialness of the original. The updated version gets a bead-blasted 316L stainless steel case instead of the original’s parkerized non-stainless steel. The acrylic bezel has been swapped out for a black anodized aluminum with white etched numerals and markers, and the acrylic crystal is now a recessed sapphire that matches the smooth transition between crystal and bezel. The Type 1’s movement has also been updated from the original ETA 2620 to a new hacking automatic ETA 2621. It also boasts new BWG9 Super Luminova that retains the original’s white daylight hue, but this time the night lume glows blue instead of green. Finally, the Type 1 gets a two-piece black nylon strap instead of a single unit. Only 1,000 will be made, so buy today. This will sell out fast.


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