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These days, all the great outdoor outfitters have opened their shops up to pre-worn and beat-up returns to be revamped and revitalized that are ultimately recreated and rebuilt as more storied and valuable versions of the originals. Patagonia did it with ReCrafted and Worn Wear, The North Face did it with Renewed, REI did it with the appropriately titled Used Gear, and now, Arc’teryx is doing it with ReBIRD. The 2021 ReBIRD collection was just dropped and includes four different men’s hoodies/jackets in a number of different colorways. The collection includes the Gamma MX Hoody, Beta SV Jacket, Rush Jacket, and Stowe Windshell Jacket in a total of almost a dozen color options that allow you to not only deck out your kit with the most stylish options, but also do it with leftover production materials and pre-loved products that are as durable as their prime released while also doing some much needed good for the planet in the process.


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