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While collaborations may be the future of fashion, it doesn’t have to feel stale or lazy. Take Gucci x Adidas for example. This capsule collection, with a self-described “nostalgia-driven ethos”, has bits of each brand to really make this collaboration one worth watching – and coveting. Harkening back to a Wes Anderson-esque 70s vibe, the collab goes for bold, repeating patterns in tonally pleasant shades of green, brown, pinks, and blues. You could see a few of the Tenenbaums lounging in the striped polo or bowling shirt, while packing up for a weekend using their iconic duffle that nods to earlier heritage pieces. Adidas and Gucci remain two giants in the fashion industry and seeing their shared vision in this collaboration is inspiring. Prices start at $370 with a wide array of bags, clothes, and accessories.

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