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We live in jeans. If you’re lucky enough to work in an office that allows denim, you probably live in them too. Renowned denim manufacturer 3×1 teamed up with award-winning designer Joe Doucet to create the jeans of the future. According to Doucet, the catalyst for the collaboration was to address the fact that “the classic 5-pocket jean we all know, and love is really a piece of 19th-century technology designed for workmen.” Enter the M3 3×1 | Joe Doucet Jean, a pair of jeans Made in the USA from raw XX70 selvedge denim from Kurabo (Japan) and decked out with modern features that truly separate it from the workwear classic. Worried about identity theft? The slightly larger coin pocket that can accommodate credit cards is lined with RFID blocking fabric to keep your data secure. Bike commuting to work? There are 3M reflective stripes built into the inside of the leg backs that’s visible when cuffed. What about protecting your precious phone? The pockets are lined in microfiber to protect and clean your devices. These aren’t your grandfather’s jeans.


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