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The Roundup

Skate & Destroy

Skate & Destroy

Haroshi is an artist that – much like the rest of us – can’t seem to part with a few broken items most people would feel more comfortable throwing in the dumpster than leaving in their room to take up space. In your case it might be an old watch, college poster, or even the ex’s stuff – in Haroshi’s it’s broken skate decks.

Instead of sending the decks curbside, Haroshi turned them into art that’s so cool you were going to wish you were this creative. The pieces ranged from scary movie level disembodied limbs to fresh fruit, and even a Mario piece that Nintendo is probably already in the process of purchasing for their offices.

The exhibition took place at PLSMIS gallery, and thanks to Brandon Shigeta you can see what you missed on Flickr.

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