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Pop Surrealism Paintings by Dave MacDowell

Pop Surrealism Paintings by Dave MacDowell

To quote Philip J. Fry (and make a blatant pop culture reference), “Oh wow, it’s like that drug trip in that movie I saw when I was on that drug trip.”

What happens when you’re raised by a television set and given a paint brush? For most people, not a whole helluva lot, but for Dave MacDowell the result is a twisted explosion of celebrities, corporate logos, and childhood heroes that’s gut wrenching, beautiful, hilarious and disturbing all at once.

The juxtaposition of childhood fantasy with cultural horror creates a straight forward, yet strangely surreal message about America’s obsession with media, consumerism and Hollywood. Described as “Disneyland on Acid,” MacDowell’s paintings demonstrate what he calls the “sins of our society” and the effect it has on us, especially the youth.

Check out lowbrow/pop surrealism paintings at MacDowell Studio.