Mark Khaisman Tapeworks

Sorry to break it to you, but duct tape art is kind of last decade. Sure, it’s shiny and awesome, but it’s time to let that modest brown packing tape get some of the spotlight.

Mark Khaisman ditches the traditional tools of the trade like brushes and paint to create something clearly unique. Layers of tape on top of light boxes to give the pieces contrast that wouldn’t be visible otherwise. Using thinner stripes of tape to achieve smaller “brush strokes” and utilizing the natural crinkles to create subtle texture as needed, these tapeworks convey a surprising amount of detail, yet feel lose and expressive.

This innovating new style of art has a lot of range, as illustrated by Mark’s choice in subject matter. Some portraits capture a distinct classic style while some have a cheeky, modern snapshot style.

Check out more of Mark’s illuminating Tapeworks at Khaisman Studio.


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