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The Roundup

Lamborghini Batmobile

Lamborghini Batmobile


The new Lamborghini Ankonian may be fifty percent Hot Wheel and fifty percent Batmobile, but somehow that combination results in it being one-hundred percent badass. In an attempt to take the Lamborghini Reventon “to the next level”, designer Slavche Tanevsky turned the volume up to 11. Sure, it might look like it is just as likely to lay down a ten second quarter mile as it is to eat you for dinner, but that’s not going to stop you from ogling it. Like most other cars this badass it is only a “concept car” so it will probably never see actual production… not that you’d be able to afford it anyways.

No word yet on whether or not the grappling hooks, missiles, cloak, and turbo-boosters will come standard or be optional upgrades; however, as it is a Lamborghini the spontaneous combustion package will be included free of charge.

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