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The Roundup

Film The Blanks

Film The Blanks


If Film The Blanks was around back when you still lived in the frat house, you might have actually scored an art chick or three. Hanging movie posters (especially framed ones) on your wall is great (in theory) but lacks that unique style – that panache – that separates you from all the other dudes that love Animal House.

Film The Blanks removes the boring from cool film posters by removing the words and then minimizes the color palette (cause we can only see 5 colors anyway) or otherwise abstracts it. Then everything gets all flipped-turned upside down into a game. After the artist posts the new “blank” you “film” it by naming the movie it was before it lost all the visual weight. Everyone who correctly names the film gets points. At the end of each round, the people with the highest points get a scale print of a blank (printed with specialty inks and papers), t-shirts, or personalized “blank” cards.

In this case, less actually is more, but until the artist comes back from hiatus you’re just going to have to admire the pictures.