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DIY: Pallets

DIY: Pallets

Few things are more satisfying than building something with your own two hands. Of course, that satisfaction can quickly turn to Hulk-like rage when said thing doesn’t work or flat out sucks. So instead of tackling a huge project, find a few pallets, crack open a beer and craft something unique and simple for your pad. Here are some ideas to choose from:

Dining Table

Forget hitting up Ikea for a new dining room table, this straightforward design has an awesome rustic appeal to it. Just make sure you sand it down before you eat off it (or use plates like a normal human being). (Instructions)

Chair & Table

If you aren’t the craftiest guy on the block but still want to give something a shot, this table and chair set would be a good place to start. Nothing flashy or overly complicated, but the results are perfect for a small office. (Instructions)

Wall Art

We dig the map, but you can adorn this woodsy piece of art with whatever you can dream up. Perhaps a picture of a pallet. (Instructions)

Desk w/ Hidden Compartment

The perfect desk for storing all your random paperwork and granola bars. Plus, the hidden compartment is perfect for all those expensive rubies you keep at the office. (Instructions)

Rustic Coffee Table

We hate 99% of the coffee tables we see at design stores. They’re either too simple and not functional or they sacrifice style for functionality. This table is perfect on both accounts. (Instructions)


If this isn’t your first DIY rodeo, you might want to build yourself this pallet workbench. It’ll take a bit of work to dismantle the pallet needed, but the results will make your future projects a bit easier. (Instructions)

Wine Rack

If your wine collection doesn’t warrant a cellar (or your wallet doesn’t either), this rustic rack is a clever little booze holster for your wall. We put two next to our bed. (Instructions)

Swing Chair

We could easily see ourselves popping a bottle and relaxing in this swing chair after a long day. Probably the day we choose to build it and decipher the instructions would work. (Instructions)


If your skills for DIY include a bit more than chopping and sanding, this would be an awesome project to tackle. The directions are sparse, so you have to get a bit creative when you head out to the workstation in your garage to make it. (Instructions)


Skip the fence boards and rummage through the streets for some pallets to create this awesomely unrefined headboard. You’ll be reminded of your hard work after each long day. (Instructions)

Home Theater Seating

You put this in your house and your movie nights will be epic. And by “epic” we mean you’ll probably fall asleep every time you turn on the TV. It’s simple, comfortable and way cooler than just a loveseat. (Instructions)

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