Ben Turnbull lives and works in London and is obsessed with the almost global dominance of the American culture machine. What separates him from the rest of Europe however is that he did something positive (and artistically negative) with his disdain for the people who call chips fries – he turned wood into carved weapon art.

Turnbull’s explanation as to why he chose his theme: ‘Force fed on violence, abused by a controlling superpower and blackmailed through patriotism, the public are ultimately as disposable as the toys they once played with’. We don’t necessarily agree with the underlying sentiment, but the wood weapon carvings (magnums, blasters, grenades) elicit a response that’s equal parts boyhood fantasy and manly desire to make shit.

If they look this good on a computer screen, they would probably look even better hanging on our mantle. Under an American flag of course.

[via Dude Craft]

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