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Venier Customs has been impressing us for years with their incredible motorcycle builds that expertly blend stock features with bespoke components and styling to create something completely unique. Their Moto Guzzi Motorcycles and the Tractor 05 Motorcycle are perfect examples of this. The latest release from the venerable brand comes from an unlikely donor bike–a Cagiva Gran Canyon 900 from 1999. Using that donor bike, Venier Customs created the VX Traveler, an iteration of the donor bike with a Ducati 900 SS fuel-injected engine that’s designed and built to be custom yet comfortable two-seat touring bike. As usual, Venier didn’t stop there. The complete restoration and rebuild also includes a Marzocchi 45mm front fork, Sachs rear shock, Nissin braking system, custom aluminum tank and side covers, new fenders, custom leather seat, mufflers by Mass moto, digital speedo and well, the list goes on and on. In short, Venier Customs hit it out of the park again.


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