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When it comes to vintage SUVs, there are few options better than the iconic Land Rover Defender. If you want a modern restomod with modern creature comforts and all the style of the past, there are plenty of brands that will do it for you. But honestly, few of them deliver like Texas-based Twisted Automotive. The Twisted Automotive Remake History program produced quite a few great Restomod Land Rover Defenders, and now, the brand is expanding with their new NA-V8 Land Rover Defenders. In layman’s terms, the NA-V8 keeps the retro-chic Land Rover Defender style while upgrading literally everything important to the modern era. Comfy, contemporary interior with infotainment, AC, leather and accessories. The beating heart of a Corvette Stingray in the 6.2L V8 LTI engine. State-of-the-art braking, suspension and wheel/tire package done in part with all the noteworthy modern brands. Each Twisted NA-V8 Defender will be built-to-order in one of five different configurations depending on the space you want. They’re only planning on building 200 over the next five years, so if you want one, get on the list quick.


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