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Long before we were living in a virus-filled world that felt like the modern apocalypse, we all dreamed of futuristic vehicles we could use to survive apocalypses that hadn’t yet come to pass. While all of the great zombie apocalypse vehicles would double as options during the current COVID times, few are as properly appointed as the Track Hype Toyota AE86 “Pandemic” Off-Road Concept you see here. At first glance, it seems like nothing more than a rally car built for Dakar or Gumball 3000, but it has a lot more potential under the “imagined hood.” It’s lifted, equipped with monstrous BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain A/T tires, Volk Racing RAYS six-spoke wheels, Bilstein suspension, fuel tank reserves, a trunk-mounted spare, lightbars, hoodscoop, winch points, trunk scoop, roof storage and, well, everything else you need to take you and your special someone to the promised land in the event of an actual apocalypse.


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