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With his nine Super Bowl appearances, six championships, MVPs and an almost unbelievable amount of awards, trophies and records, there’s no denying the fact that Tom Brady is probably the greatest American football player of all time. He has the gameplan. He makes more money per year than most of us could spend in a lifetime. He sleeps next to a supermodel. But even that guy needs an office, and that’s where this 2018 Stretched Becker Cadillac Escalade comes in. Built for Brady as a moving office, this custom, stretched Escalade has reclining VIP seats with electric leg rests, multiple TVs, Savant A/V system, aviation-style folding tables and a high-end mobile internet router. Think about the most luxurious experience you’ve ever had in a car or on an airplane, and this is about four times better. It’s productive opulence at its best. And yeah, it might cost $300k now, but it was $350k new. And that was before the football GOAT himself used it, which means it has to be worth more now, right?


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