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When autonomous autos actually become a reality, what will we do in our cars? Well, perhaps a better question will be: what won’t we do in our cars? The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research car boasts a cabin that’s more like a lounge, with four large seats that rotate to face each other and a fine wood floor. Interior side and rear-mounted displays allow occupants to see vehicles around them and interact with their own car with gestures and touch. Basically, you relax and do minimal work while your car handles the travel. It’s far from a reality, but it is a pretty exciting glimpse into the future.

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Montreal-based watch upstart Solios has introduced an uncompromised approach to watch creation that is equally stylish, sustainable, well-built and elegant. The end result is a full complement of solar-powered watches bearing the Solios name that are the perfect blend of minimal and functional while also being clean and renewable. In other words, you’re strapping one of the sleekest and most stylish watches that also happens to have been built with Mother Earth in mind. Since it’s available in a number of case colors, dial colors and eco vegan leather options, there’s a Solio Solar Watch for everyone.