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No matter how powerful a vehicle is, its speed, stability, and fuel efficiency have to contend with the wind, and the struggle has been going on since the inception of cars and motorcycles. Georgio Rimi and Vaughn Ryan from Australia’s MotoRRetro have created a BMW R100 RS that evokes the four-wheeled motoring past with handworked slippery metal beauty. Capturing the same look as vintage Auto Union Grand Prix cars and Airstreams, the alloy-bodied Beemer took four years to build in the old school way via hand hammering, rolling, and stretching. The tank and body meld together with merely two exposed seams, while both wheels get appropriately covered for aerodynamic efficiency. Even the exhaust pipes are covered with small twin exit ports at the back. A single black leather seat, large round headlight, and vintage BMW roundel tank logo round out the artful two-wheeler.


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