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Have you ever seen a film where an evil robot gets completely mangled but comes back, still functional, in a new form? Like, you know it’s the same villain, but it looks totally different. That’s the Eliminator V2, which, for the most part, is a Mazda Miata. From the team at SalvageWon, the Eliminator V2 boasts a Miata engine, suspension and drivetrain, and it was outfitted with turbocharger to give it even more punch. The end result is a 250+ horsepower death rocket that looks, and drives, like a cold metal beast.


We’re sick of the quarantine beard, so we’re going clean shaven again. We’re doing it with a Henson razor. Precision-machined out of aluminum by a boutique aerospace manufacturer, this razor feels and works better than anything else on the market. It presents the blade at such a precise angle you can barely feel the shave. It’s uncanny. Most guys (and gals, they have a women’s razor) prefer drugstore cartridge razors because they’re plug ‘n play. Honestly, the Henson design ensures perfect positioning every time, and it’s cheaper and better for the environment long-term. Switch today.