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The most powerful S-Class in the history of the model just debuted with an insane 791 horse and pavement warping 1,055 lb-ft of twist. All of this mayhem comes by way of a 4.0L V8 with an electric motor. The flagship sedan will hurtle to 60 mph in a blistering 3.2 seconds and top out at 180 mph. Full EV mode goes all the way to 87 mph, and 20 miles of range on a full charge means short trips without the use of gas. The big beast can also manage both rough roads and sharp apexes thanks to its AMG Ride Control+ suspension and AMG Active Ride Control stabilization. And just so you don’t get mistaken for the run-of-the-mill S-Class, the AMG version gets a special jet-wing design for the front fascia, huge 21″ AMG forged black wheels, and a unique AMG-specific grille. Inside, you’ll find AMG-trimmed upholstery, a special AMG Performance steering wheel, and an expansive MBUX infotainment screen and gauge cluster. But who cares about all that since you’ll be to busy trying not to get a speeding ticket.

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Montreal-based watch upstart Solios has introduced an uncompromised approach to watch creation that is equally stylish, sustainable, well-built and elegant. The end result is a full complement of solar-powered watches bearing the Solios name that are the perfect blend of minimal and functional while also being clean and renewable. In other words, you’re strapping one of the sleekest and most stylish watches that also happens to have been built with Mother Earth in mind. Since it’s available in a number of case colors, dial colors and eco vegan leather options, there’s a Solio Solar Watch for everyone.