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If you were to look at just the interior of this swanky beast, you’d swear it was a fancy NYC studio apartment. But this sucker has what it takes to wheel away from civilization in the best of ways because it’s an off-road camper. Simply named the Rise 4×4, it’s been built to spoil its occupants while going to uninhabitable locations. The German firm, SOD, based the Rise 4×4 on the rugged Mercedes Unimog U5032. Inside you’ll find luxury digs that include a main bedroom with an elevated bed, roof-mounted pop-up quarters with stair access, a kitchen with a full stove and fridge/freezer, a loungy sofa and dining room table that can convert to another bedroom, a full bathroom, and even a modern chandelier. Tech-wise, the Rise 4×4 has wireless communication, app-controlled multi-media, heated floors, solar panels, and a premium audio system. The camper has four driven wheels powered by two engine choices, and it can ford four feet of water thanks to its superb clearance and snorkel. Right now, it’s just a rendering, but SOD will build you one for just over a million dollars. Sounds worth it to us.


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